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  • Prevent Glaucoma Damage by Early Detection: How to Catch the "Thief of Sight" Early

    Nobody likes a thief, but one that takes your vision is the kind we want to catch before they ever break in and get away with our most valuable sense: vision.

    We call glaucoma the “thief in the night” because it starts by stealing the part of our vision that we use the least: peripheral vision.

    While we hope and pray for these miracles of science, our only weapon right now is prevention by early detection. We have to use all of our tools to fight the sneaky thief of sight, glaucoma. Home tonometry with the iCare Home2 is one of the best new tools we have. 
  • A Surgeon's Career and Vision Saved by this Home Tonometer

    What do you do if you are losing vision from glaucoma while doing everything right? That is exactly the problem a surgeon  in a recent peer reviewed medical journal and your vision is slowly disappearing. 

    You still want to work even though you are in your 70s. You have worked hard for your skills and your patients are benefiting from a lifetime of honing your the risk of giving away the ending, I'll tell you that this man was able to use home tonometry to discover that his pressures were significantly higher outside his doctor's office hours than in the clinic. His eye pressures were

  • What does Digital Glaucoma do?

    A better solution was needed for patients and doctors.

    Now with Digital Glaucomaany patient has access to an affordable home eye pressure device (tonometer) and their doctors can receive expert summary analysis to make in-person or telemedicine visits more valuable and make treatment decisions as accurate as they can be.

  • How can Digital Glaucoma help you (or your patients)?

    I have often thought to myself: If I had glaucoma, how would I go about protecting my vision as thoroughly as possible?

    This led me to the conclusion that I would choose to check my eye pressure more often.

  • Portable Home Tonometry Basics: Why It Matters

    Glaucoma causes damage to your optic nerve, which damages "side-vision" over time (typically slowly, but sometimes quickly). Doctors check your eye pressure as much as they think is necessary but your time and their time is limited so they try to keep visits to a safe minimum. Home eye pressure testing solves this problem with the iCare Home so that you can take your own eye pressures. This results in better and more thorough data. Digital Glaucoma is on a mission to save as much vision as possible by taking that data and creating expert analysis to send to doctors so that the best treatment decisions can be made. Lowering eye pressure and making sure it (really) stays low (no matter where you are) is the name of the game.