What does Digital Glaucoma do?

Blindness can wait

Simply put, we are the solution for personalized eye pressure monitoring. As eye doctors we hate to make our patients come in more than necessary but we know that more visits with eye pressure checks means saving more vision.

Before Digital Glaucoma, it was near impossible for patients to be able to measure their own eye pressures outside the clinic. Without this valuable data, medical decisions are not the best they can be. Yet, we know that this data will save vision.

Though the value of home eye pressure monitoring is well established in the scientific literature, it has continued to be difficult to find eye doctors who could feel comfortable adding a new technology and medical record into their practice. No matter how good a technology is, it has to work itself into a busy eye doctor's day in a manageable way.

A better solution was needed for patients and doctors.

Now with Digital Glaucoma, any patient has access to an affordable home eye pressure device (tonometer) and their doctors can receive expert summary analysis to make in-person or telemedicine visits more valuable and make treatment decisions more accurate. We have a separate service for doctors and their clinics to make this an effortless process for everyone. Join our fight to save vision together!

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