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Your Personalized Eye Pressure Monitoring Plan will provide weekly notifications and analysis of your eye pressures including intraocular (IOP) eye pressure:

1. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly averages for each eye.

2. Moving averages, showing trends for each eye.

3. Peak IOP

4. Standard deviations

5. Diurnal curve (the natural pressures that ebb and flow throughout the day within your eye).

6. Additional customizable details per your doctor's request.

This information will be collated into an easy to use format that your doctor will appreciate. It is formatted so that your doctor can interpret the data and use it for improved clinical decisions without adding time to your examination - in fact, this can typically be done remotely. We require this service for first-time buyers to ensure an optimized patient-doctor relationship. We can even arrange to have this information shared directly to your physician as well, saving you a trip to the office.


Receive a 40% discount when purchased with the iCare HOME. Designed to be a benefit to new members of the Digital Glaucoma Personal Data Analysis service and to allow users to combine both the software service and hardware service together in affordable monthly payments with Splittit payments (0% interest over 3 to 36 months).

Please read the description of and include both the Personalized Eye Pressure Monitoring as well as the iCare HOME tonometer to your cart before checkout.


The Extend warranty is highly recommended to make 100% sure your device lasts as long as possible, even in the case of unexpected accidental damage.

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